Waldorf Early Childhood Center

About Our Early Childhood Programs


Located at 2010 Peniston Street in the uptown Milan neighborhood, the programs of the Waldorf School of New Orleans’ Early Childhood Center are each designed to nurture a child’s imagination, curiosity, and enthusiasm for the world. 

2010 Peniston St. New Orleans, LA 70115

Phone: 504-345-2366

Activity and free play develop social skills, confidence and creativity. Circle time and stories feed the imagination, build vocabulary, and support the development of cognition and language. Children learn much at this age through observation and imitation, allowing our Waldorf trained teachers and their talented assistants to serve as role models in the development of respect, patience, responsibility, and empathy.
Here children also learn to celebrate the cycles of life, such as the changing of seasons, through festivals and the daily observation of nature.
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Class Offerings

Parental Involvement

Parents and teachers working together provide the child with the best possible support. To facilitate this cooperative relationship, we encourage parents to attend regularly scheduled class meetings, parent-teacher conferences, parent education workshops, and to participate in community events. Each of these is an opportunity to learn more about Waldorf Education and how the curriculum embraces the developmental phases of childhood.