Welcome to the Waldorf School of New Orleans!

The Waldorf School of New Orleans is an independent, private, non-profit school, Nursery through Grade 8, offering the only Waldorf-accredited early childhood and elementary education in Louisiana.

Founded in 2000, our school provides a classical education alternative to the families of New Orleans.  Our arts-integrated curriculum is grounded in Rudolf Steiner’s profound insights into child development, human consciousness, and our relationship to the natural world. 

Since the establishment of the first Waldorf School in 1919, Waldorf Education has spread across six continents, with more than 1000 schools in over 60 countries.  While universal in scope, the Waldorf curriculum finds unique expression in cultures throughout the world – honoring the integrity of childhood, valuing imaginative capacity as well as mastery of “facts”, and teaching through purposeful physical activity.   It takes imagination to make valuable connections between ideas, to be creative, to solve problems, to think independently, and to feel compassion. This is what our teachers are cultivating in our students, and how Waldorf Education seeks to transform the world.

At Waldorf the School of New Orleans, we witness daily the transformative effects of Waldorf Education on our students:  Children once stressed by too much homework and testing at other schools now love to learn. Children who didn't know how to play without a computer are now digging for dinosaur bones in their backyard. Students who were withdrawn or insecure are now building confidence with each new project.   Our Waldorf graduates are self-possessed, accomplished, articulate, industrious, kind, and sought-after by area high schools.

We recognize shared responsibility of teachers, parents, and school administration to all the children of our school, to be worthy role models of moral courage, community engagement, and interest in the world. Our school community is a reflection of all the insightful, accomplished, diverse, and creative individuals who are part of Waldorf School of New Orleans.

This is what we invite you and your children to experience. Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."    -      Albert Einstein