Diana Miklos

Jasmine Kindergarten Teacher
Early Childhood Faculty Representative
Diana Miklos is the Lead Kindergarten Teacher of Jasmine Garden, EC Chair and Board Member. She has taught at Waldorf Academy(AHWS) in Toronto, Canada, since its founding in 1987 and joined WSNO during 2016-17 school year. While working at Waldorf Academy, Diana has served as the Chair of Early Childhood section and also as the school’s representative for Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN). She is currently a Board Member for Waldorf Academy in an advisory position. 

Diana had trained in theatre at the School of Performing Arts/Directing program and graduated from Ryerson University/Theatre School in Toronto, in 1987. She holds a Bachelor of Education.

Diana completed her Waldorf training while working at Waldorf Academy and has participated in numerous professional development opportunities around the world, including the International Early Childhood Conference in Dornach, Switzerland, where she studied therapeutic story writing. She designed and directed the original after school program for Waldorf Academy as part of the Oxford School of Art, Music and Theatre. Outside of teaching, Diana is the artistic director and founder of Theatre as a Metaphor in Toronto. In 1988, Diana joined Angel Wing Puppet Theatre and helped design and present Waldorf puppet shows at many public libraries in Toronto. In 2015 Diana initiated Progetto Toronto/Saluzzo, a cultural exchange between Italy and Canada.