Our Nursery

Many parents can sense their nursery aged children developing greater independence.  In this small, loving Nursery class, teachers work with parents and children to support and encourage this independence by creating a classroom with daily and weekly rhythms that allow the children to take initiative and responsibility. 

Children in nursery learn to put on their own coat and shoes which promotes patience with oneself and abilities.  Through this and similar guided activities, our students learn self-reliance, confidence, and patience in learning as they gain new skills.  These lessons serve them for a lifetime.

The daily and weekly activities in nursery provide an age-attuned rhythm of play, circle time, storytelling, shared snack and meal time, and hands-on artistic activity that fosters learning by doing. Daily activities are designed to nurture the imagination, develop creativity, inspire curiosity, and promote love and respect. The Nursery program also provides children with the fundamental group social skills and experience they will need for Kindergarten readiness.

The Nursery offers a three day program (M-W) or a five day program.

Age Guidelines

2 years and 6 months at the start of the school year through 3 years and 8 months.

Program Requirements

Children must be at least 2 years and 6 months by August 15th and able to be comfortably away from home. Priority is give to children who are fully toilet trained or be on the way to being fully toilet trained.

Dates and Times

  • Monday-8:40am to 1:00pm
  • Tuesday-8:40am to 1:00pm
  • Wednesday-8:40am to 1:00pm
  • Thursday-8:40am to 12:30 pm
  • Friday-8:40am to 1:00pm


Extended Day is available for full-time students from the end of each day until 3:00pm, 2:00 pm on Thursdays.  Extended Care must be approved by class teachers after a parent-teacher consultation regarding the child's needs.