A Letter From Ms. Heidi


A letter to Kindergarten Parents, January 2016

Dear Parents,

Our first week of the new year was full of excitement: we came together again as a group, began making friends with our newest student, Charlotte, and prepared for Three Kings' Day. The children rushed into the room each morning, looking for where the three king figures had traveled the previous night, getting closer and closer to the little family on the nature table. We worked happily on golden or silver crowns, decorating them with tissue paper and jewels.

Finally, we held a joyful celebration today, beginning with our morning walk. Wearing crowns, capes, and royal attire, we enjoyed the walk through the neighborhood along with many parents and siblings. Our office manager, Ms. Liz, and her baby joined us for our morning circle, taking part in our pageant. The children, still wearing crowns, each chose a "gift" from the class to present to the baby. As they presented their gift to the baby, they each offered up a special wish for her. Some of the children wanted to be angels, and they sang, hummed, and danced for the baby, the mother, and the kings. 

As we were preparing to go into our tasks and play, Ms. Liz came running back into the room with the announcement that an old lady had dropped off a basket for her to bring the children. There were excited squeals as the children decided it must have been Old Befana from our story of The Three Kings! We opened up the basket to find cookies, satsumas, jeweled stars, and shiny buttons for the children's button boxes.

We enjoyed the cookies and satsumas with our popcorn, everyone striving to have the manners of a king or queen, practicing listening as well as talking in our conversations. We were overjoyed to find that the sun had come out when we went outside. The puddles collected in the sandbox offered a new element to play with, and the children used the water to polish rocks and to paint the fence. It was a lovely way to end a very satisfying week!

One of our students turned five over vacation, so we celebrated her birthday on Thursday. We are looking forward to celebrating another birthday next Wednesday. Happy wishes to both families!


Important dates:

January 11- Welcome Coffee with the Nursery Parents. Marianna and Catherine are bringing baked goods, Bobby is bringing a few mugs for us to borrow, and Shana is bringing a king cake. I'll have coffee and tea available. We may be short on mugs, so if you want to grab your own from home to use, or if you have a few to lend us, I would appreciate it! I'm trying to build up our mug collection, so if you are "purging" items from your kitchen and have extra mugs you don't want anymore, I would love to give them a new home. If you do end up lending us a few for the morning, please put your name on them or make sure you take them when you leave. Liz and I will set up in the morning before school, and I will try to pop in for a few minutes, so I may not know who has brought extra mugs. 8:30-9:30.


January 14- Special evening with the Grades faculty at our Soraparu campus. Please RSVP to Liz or me so we know how many to expect. 6:00- 7:30.


January 16- Open House at Peniston. Please spread the word to interested friends or family members! Children are invited. This could be a wonderful opportunity for family members who don't "get" your choice of schools to come experience some of the magic.


January 18- School holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Have a happy weekend!


With love, Heidi