Waldorf Grade School

About Waldorf School of New Orleans' Grade School Programs

Located at 517 Soraparu Street on the ground floor of the former Bond Bread Factory, WSNO has called the historic Irish Channel home since 2005. Here, the school day begins at the classroom doors, where the teachers greet each student with a handshake.This illustrates our commitment to recognizing every child as an individul.


517 Soraparu St. Suite 101, New Orleans, LA 70130

Grades School Phone: 504-525-2420

Other defining characteristics of a WSNO Grade School education include:  

Main Lesson Blocks

Main Lesson Blocks represent the core of Waldorf curriculum, and are taught by Waldorf trained teachers. Through these 4-6 week intensive lesson blocks, students are immersed in a subject that may represent Language Arts, History, Mathematics, Geography, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences, and/or Drama.Topics and teaching methods are developmentally appropriate for each grade, and presented in a way that encourages collaboration, imagination, and independent thinking, as well as empathy and responsibilty.

In the early grades, an Extra Main class at some point in the day is additional Main Lesson time with the class teacher. Initially, the focus of these classes is based on the needs of the students, but generally includes more practice in Math and Language Arts. Later on, these become distinct Math and Language Arts courses. For 7th and 8th Graders, additional study skills courses (which include the use of text books, keyboarding practice, and standardized test practice) are also added.

Main Lesson Books

In the Grade School, the use of textbooks is generally reserved for students preparing for high school. Until then, students create their own lesson books full of notes, observations, compositions, diagrams, and drawings that illustrate, document, and interpret their studies. The students' creation of and responsibility for their Main Lesson Books is a lesson unto itself as the students develop their abilities to organize, comprehend, and reflect on content constructively and independently. 

Specialty Subjects

Main Lesson is followed by subject classes. Ours currently include Music, Gardening, Spanish, Library, Handwork, and Movement for all grades, and additional Language Arts, Math, and Fine Arts classes for Middle School students. These classes are taught by Specialty Teachers who are experts in their subject areas. While Main Lesson provides in-depth exploration of subjects in blocks of four to six weeks, subject classes run through the year, though the content will conincide with Main Lesson Blocks when possible.

Combined Classes

At the Waldorf School of New Orleans, some classes included combined grades. The curriculum they follow will depend on which grade combination is happening that year. For example, a year where there is a 4/5 class, they will follow the 4/5 Main Lesson curriculum. The next year, that class will become a 5/6 class and will follow that Main Lesson plan.

Please see our Waldorf Curriculum Guides to learn more about all of the above listed topics.

Parental Support

Parents and teachers working together provide the support each student needs to meet the challenges and goals of their education. To facilitate this cooperative relationship, parents are strongly encouraged to attend regularly scheduled class meetings, parent-teacher conferences, parent education workshops, and community events. Each of these is an opportunity to learn more about Waldorf Education and how the curriculum embraces the developmental phases of child and young adulthood.