Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Program (TAPS)

In order to fulfil our goal of a school community that reflects the diversity of our city – including economic diversity – the Waldorf School of New Orleans offers various forms of tuition assistance.

Sibling discounts are automatic, and families do NOT need to apply.

Families seeking other tuition assistance will need to fill out the online application through TADS. Please note, new applicants to the school must be accepted and fully enrolled before applying for financial aid.

Tuition discounts are granted annually on an individual basis and subject to funds available. Any tuition adjustment will be based primarily on an analysis report of the family’s ability to pay according to the TADS financial aid assessment program. TADS is a standard entity used by many schools, Waldorf and otherwise, to evaluate a family’s financial status based on income, assets, and expenses, in order to determine a recommended amount of discretionary income a family should contribute toward a child’s education.

Please note that due to budgetary restrictions, TAPS funds are limited.

If you would like to apply for a tuition discount, please visit TADS.

Please call the office at 504-525-2420 for further information.